Saturday, 17 April 2010

Featured Artist: Edu K

For those of you who might have missed the legendary Edu K on your musical travels, get ready...

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

I’m Edu K; King of the jungle.
I come from the South of South America; more precisely from the city of Porto Alegre in Southern Brasil.
N’ , well, what I do is party a lot... crack some fat as tunes n’ then travel the world droppin’ those same tunes n’, yay, u guessed right: partyin’ a lot all over again! HA!

Of late your "sound" has changed rather dramatically, and moved further away from the old hype stuff towards something altogether more... sparse(?)... How would you describe the music you currently output?

Hmmmm, I’d call it HOUSE MUSIC (or at least, accordin’ to Mista Teki, that’s what our fathers used to call it).
Of course it’s infused with lot of tropical drums, dark-side tech n’ the, err…”sparseness” of Mins but, still it’s House, right?

Who do you see as your most influential contemporaries? Who do you most look up to at the moment?

Fuck. Shit loadsa dudes!
But most of them German; Alex Niggemann, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Daniel Steinberg, etc.
But I also love the Dirtybird crew sound n’ what dudes like Lazaro Casanova n’ Jay-You are doin’ in Miami n’ LA – the new Deep House thang! N' French Fries has been givin’ me the hots recently too!

With this huge influx of minimal percussion and SPACE in tracks, is hype dead?

Nah… Nothin’ dies, just transforms! Kids still love bangers but they are also opening to other (n’ sexier) stuff now too!

What influences you most musically, when you write tracks?

Hmmm, not just music but also comics, books, tv shows, movies, club nights out n’ many other kinds of kool shit!

What do you listen to at home?

It goes from Iggy & The Stooges to John Coltrane n’ Frank Sinatra. But also a whole lotta Exile on Main Street n’ Pet Sounds on repeat, every single day!
Yeah, lotsa club trax too, of course!

What are you doing for the rest of 2010?

I’m spendin’ 3 months tourin’ Europe soon.
Also workin’ on tons of nu tracks n’ remixes.
In the summer (Brasilian Summer that is) I’ll just chill for 3 months at the beach, on an island!

How has being Brazilian informed what you do? (if at all)

Hmmmm, I guess besides the drums there’s the famous “Brasilian way”, ya know, I guess that we can grown the lemons AND make the juice in any given situation! ha

Why do you think all this "world" influence is suddenly jumping into the scene?

I think things change all the time n’ faster n’ faster n’ FASTER each day.
N’, I guess peeps where tired of the violence of bangers!
When the Fidget hangover came down with a thud that was the right time for slower BPMs, groovy beats n’ percussion n' a lil' emptiness too, I guess!

Where is it taking us is the one million dollar question nobody has the answer to - which just makes everything MORE fun!

Check out another quality Edu K mix below... For your health...

Edu K Só Na Percussão MIX by edukeduk


Massive Props to Edu K for taking the time to do this mix for us. It's an absolute banger!! World Minimal in essence. So enjoy, and check out his MYSPACE.

Edu K is playing the Zulu Tea Party in London, May 15th.


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Big Ups!

Great post guys! Zulu Tea Party Facebook event for 15th May w/ Edu K here

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