Monday, 26 April 2010

Featured Artist: Shooting Horses

Shooting Horses is really quite exciting.

Shooting Horses - Bongo Man by shootinghorses09

Shooting Horses - Jungle People by shootinghorses09

After smashing Hype M's LIKE feature to pieces with his Riva Starr remix (Check that out HERE), and now with more material on the horizon including several original tracks, it's time to start paying attention to Shooting Horses.

Let's get to know a little more about the man behind the moniker...

Who are you?

I'm Rob Swaine, I'm 23 and I make electronic music under the guise of Shooting Horses.

Where are you from?

South West London; the part with the leaves and the low crime rate.

What do you do?

I procrastinate, I dream, I watch Eastenders, I serve tapas, and sometimes I get time to do what makes me happiest, and write music.

How would you describe your sound?

A whole mish-mash of things I listen to, things I like and things I aspire to be. Tech-house with a bit of imagination.

What do you take most influence from?

I take influence from myself, from other artists I respect and from my musical history. I don't mean the time I was in a band playing heavy metal but music I've listened to for the past ten years or so.

My music taste is constantly evolving. The only thing I probably don't draw influence from is the pop chart and it’s soulless, over-produced, distasteful excuse for 'music'/moneymaking.

I find film soundtracks of particular inspiration and a lot of my productions contain a strong element of sound-scaping as well as straight-up dance beats.

Whats your musical background and how does it inform your production?

I started producing while at sixth form. At the time I was in a band and we were recording our ground-breaking nu-metal sound in our various kitchens. I found myself much more inspired by the recording and production process than by playing in the band itself. I’d spend hours doing remixes of our songs and it was through this that I got into production.

I got into dance music through drum and bass and it was only when I started DJing while at university as one half of Obstacle One with Rob Hubbert, that I got into house music.

For me, drum and bass was a gateway to discovering a whole world of new and exciting rhythms and sounds, a lot of which I try to incorporate into my productions now.

Who are your most influential figures from A: the current dance music
scene you see as relevant and B: any other musican from the past?

A: I’d have to say Daniel Haaksman for me. He’s the perfect example of someone who’s completely immersed himself in the music industry and paved an original path/sound while helping out and inspiring a whole list of budding producers. I put 2 of his remixes in my latest mix. He’s very relevant to me and where I’m progressing.

The whole Dirtybird outfit are hugely influential to me. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they consistently deliver the best in dance music. Their influence can be seen in a lot of up and coming producers. Not naming names.

B: I’d have to say the Mars Volta. I’m constantly in awe of their energy, their skill as musicians, their sound, rhythms and ability to layer so much together and still maintain total control over their compositions.

Current top tracks?

Baby (Daniel Haaksman Remix) - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Balance and Ridum – Christian Martin
Alcatraz (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Kasper Bjorke
Urubu No Telhado (MJ Cole Mix) – Bazeado
Très De Niul – Barem
Selene - Jacob Korn
Sugar Coated Lover - Geiom Ft. Marita

What do you have coming our way for the rest of 2010?

Hopefully some bootlegs. I’ve been meaning to do some for a long time now. It’s tough deciding which ones to do. I’ve made a start on three so far but don’t ever see myself finishing them.

Goal of the year is to get an EP out, I’ve got a plethora of unfinished originals waiting to be completed, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do so.

The ongoing dream is to play at a summer festival. I just want to DJ in a tent. It’s not too much to ask I don’t think.

You can check out Shooting Horses on MYSPACE and SOUNDCLOUD. But be sure to listen to the exclusive mix below...

1. Empina A Pipa feat. MC Gi & Cabal (Samim's Crashroots Remix) - DJ Chernobyl
2. Romane (French Fries & Bambounou Remix) - Bart B More
3. Da Bass - Riley, Durrant, Juan Kidd
4. Alcatraz (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Kasper Bjorke
5. Bollyhouse - Minimow
6. Indonesia (Sambal Badjak Mix) - Circle Children
7. Yoppul - Mike Monday
8. Baby (Daniel Haaksman Remix) - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
9. Nice up the function - The Boogaloo Crew
10. Zee - Funkin' Matt
11. Bongo Man - Shooting Horses
12. Vem Que Tem (Daniel Haaksman Remix) - Schlachthofbronx
13. Since Last Night - Cosmin TRG
14. Eyesdown (Warrior 1 Remix) - Bonobo Featuring Andreya Triana


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