Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ayobaness / Ayoba / Ayeye / Ayoyoyo !!!

The term ‘Ayoba’ is an exuberant expression of general delight or approval, rather than a word with a specific meaning. It has its origins on the dance-floor, and is an evolution of expressions like ‘ayeye’ / 'ayoyoyo’ used to express approval or appreciation of good dancing. As with many slang words, no one knows its exact origins but it is believed to have evolved in Johannesburg township culture.

Outhere presents:

Ayobaness - The Sound Of South African House

South African DJs started playing Chicago house in the 80s and were selling mixes out of their car boots. By the time apartheid finally came to an end in 1994, the South African township youths had created their own club music called Kwaito. In the early days, Kwaito was not much more than slowed-down house beats overlain with raps in Zulu, Xhosa and broken township English. Soon Kwaito became the soundtrack for celebrating a free South Africa and catalyzed the rebirth of a new black entertainment industry.

(Here's a track from a man dubbed "the King of Kwaito"... he starts with 'AYEYEYE'...)

Even throughout the Kwaito boom, house music was always around. DJs started to fuse and produce their own local version adding uniquely South African sounds from Kwaito vibes, Zulu Mbaqanga bass lines to Hugh Masekela samples, and local house duos like Revolution or BOP were instant chart breakers. With the Kwaito craze somewhat fading in recent years, house has again taken the lead as South Africa’s number 1 party music and the heartbeat of urban SA music. Today South Africa is the only country on the continent that has its unique local house culture. It is also the only country in Africa where kids dream of being a DJ or a producer - not a singer.

The most well-known artist on the compilation, known far beyond the suburb of Pretoria he hails from and South Africa as a whole, is of course DJ Mujava whose 2008 single “Township Funk” (released in the UK on Warp Records) became a global club anthem and as such first introduced many people to SA house.

Buy the full Ayobaness album, and have a cheeky listen, HERE

But here are a few of my favourites from the album in their entirety. Really big stuff.


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