Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dickon Does Berlin 1: Arrival

Ok. So, I was going to start a seperate blog for my Berlin adventure, but then it just seemed entirely relevant to Curriculum; since I am out here doing an internship at our recent Label Of The Month (for May) - Man Recordings.

I am going to try not to waffle, and to keep things concise and relevant, and post music I find to be in line with what we have been doing with Curriculum.

So, first of all, I arrived, I met a friend of a friend at the airport, we went to a bar, we got some drinks, we ate an awesome keb'ub (4% of the Turkish population or something resides in Berlin).

We headed home and got shitfaced on 1 Euro bottles of red wine. I was introduced to this:

Next day we trammed and trained into Alexanderplatz to meet some friends...

I wanted to have a look about so we split up and I headed to see some culture, since I had 2 hours to myself.

I walked a while and found some incredible buildings at Lustgarten. Google it to see what I mean. There were a lot of Bosnian refugees who constantly harassed for money. Obviously a tourist hotspot.

Next we went to a flat in Friedrichshain for a curry, and I met some ace people. One of whom is supporting Steve Aoki on the 17th, and another who has a friend who runs a Brasileiro radio show who he thinks I will get on with... so, BOOM.

Lots of beers, lots of banter. Tomorrow I meet Daniel Haaksman. Hooray.

This is an interview I found of him, which is interesting...


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