Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dickon Does Berlin 2: People and Parties

So as expected the above look is rife here.

But there are a few more fashion blips on my OH DEAR radar that have to be highlighted. These include;

The Terminator:

The Stand By Me cast:

And the Almost Boys Noize:

All thriving styles here in Berlin.

You can drink on the Tube here. Beer bottles are worth money, and can be cashed in at newsagents; thus there are less smashed in the streets/on heads.

I got the chance to go to the Havana Cultura release party; beautiful German girls who were all taller than me filled the room. It was ace.

There have been squat parties, bonfire parties on building sites, swimming in lakes, very little payment for travel to anywhere, outdoor raves, clubs that are open for days on end...

I also got the chance to sit down for dinner with Daniel Haaksman and Edu K; something which made me want to wee just a little bit.

More coming soon...


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