Tuesday, 22 June 2010

South Africa: Exploration with Spoek, Dirty Paraffin and MORE...

So NIKE are on the ball... sadly. And bad pun. Apologies.

Check the DIRTY PARAFFIN MYSPACE for more tracks from them.

Also this is a nice little mixtape from South African MC Spoek:


Tim Turbo f. Spoek Mathambo and Gnucci Banana, “Linyora” (SA)
DJ CNDO, “Terminator” (SA)
DJ Mujava f. DJ Menace, “Tshwara” (SA)
BB Ramazani, “Fouka Fouka” (Cote D’ivoire)
Dirty Paraffin, “Aha” (SA)
Pastor Mbhobho, “Ayobaness” (SA)
Shanaka, “2010 Football” (Cote D’ivoire)
Spoek Mathambo, “Mshini Wam” (South Africa)

And I just wanted to throw this in for fun...


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