Thursday, 10 June 2010

Man FM 5: An hour in the hands of Bert On Beats and Tim Turbo

Man FM is the Man Recordings podcast radio that gives you access to exclusive first listens to all the new Man Recordings releases, interviews with all Man artists, DJ mixes by special guests plus brand new tracks and classics that inspire the Man Recordings crew.

Hosted by Tim Turbo.

This installment’s guest is Estonian stallion, “Kid Conga” remix competition winner and Tallin's most wanted DJ: BERT ON BEATS.

Tim Turbo talks with him about his first EP on MAN RECORDINGS, the SUOMO EP (featuring the gorgeous Anbuley), his music career in Estonia and of course he blesses the show with an exclusive DJ mix. On top you’ll get the usual heavy bass accessory parts added by our host.

Enjoy the show!

Man FM 005 - Bert on Beats by MANRECORDINGS


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